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Traveling or Staying Home During the Summer: Which is Better?

Cole Morse, Staff Writer

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     As summer approaches, the majority of students look forward to rest and play. Although the students anxiously anticipate the long break, they way in which summers are spent varies. Members of the St. Andrew’s community commonly spend their summers either in-state or on vacation. The way one may spend such a long break depends heavily on their interests. Despite being known as a stereotypical anti-social school, it is clear that most St. Andrew’s students prefer traveling over remaining at home.

     “I hate sitting around the house all summer,” Junior Bradley Brantley said. “I love to travel and the summer is my favorite time to do it. There are just more opportunities to explore new places and experience new people than there is in Mississippi.”

     Despite the high number of people who prefer traveling during their break, there remain those who prefer remaining in their home and in-state.

     “When you travel you have to plan so much that I just don’t think it’s worth it,” Sophomore John Ray said. “Traveling costs a lot of money. During the summer I always manage to find ways to stay busy even though Mississippi doesn’t have much to offer.”

     According to Huffington Post, the large number of people who want to travel is caused by the need to escape stress and experience different people and cultures. The stress of an entire year of high school along with the lack of cultural diversity in Mississippi repeatedly produces large numbers of students who want to travel during the break. Those who do not feel the need to travel most likely want rest from the school year and simply prefer to spend time in places they are familiar with than explore new areas. As a result of the stress and dull repetition of life, most students prefer to travel.

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Traveling or Staying Home During the Summer: Which is Better?