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First World’s Biggest Problem

Evan Bowman, Opinion Editor

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The clock strikes 11:10 and its time for lunch. For senior’s, the question of where to eat lingers on their minds. Many crave chicken, and thus a civil war begins, Raising Canes or Zaxbys?

While this issue manifests itself in almost every friend group, it’s not even a question: Zaxbys is better. Starting off, Zaxbys actually has chicken in their tenders, and it is not just 5 layers of breaded nothing.

“Zaxbys season their chicken, which adds a lot of flavor,” Senior Christian Wade said. “Canes chicken is just kind of bland.”

Also, Zaxbys fries are actually seasoned, and do not taste like sliced potatoes. This paired with a thicker fry and a larger portion give this point to Zaxbys.

“Zaxbys fries are better than Canes fries because of the spice,” Senior Trey Gray said. “I can’t specifically say what I like about it, but they’re fries are very good.”

Zaxbys also have a better menu, offering not only chicken, but fresh salads and desserts. This gives a customer more variety in their potential meals, and also offers a sweet treat after a tasty meal.

“Being a health-conscious eater, I was very surprised when I had my first Zaxbys salad,” Gina Bowman said. “It was really fresh, and the dressings were both tasty and healthy.”

While toast does go to Canes, the sauce at Zaxbys is far superior to its competitor. Zaxbys balances creaminess and tanginess just perfectly, creating a dipping sauce that is transcending.

“The sauces are about similar,” Senior Brandon Johnson said. “But the chicken that you dip in that sauce is much better at Zaxbys.”

The final nail in the coffin of this age-old argument is summed up in one word: milkshakes. Why choose a place that does not offer these tasty treats in such delectable flavors? Banana pudding, Birthday cake, or fudge brownie; you decide.

“The milkshakes are delicious, Senior Will Buffingotn said. “They’re unusual pairings, but they end up being very enjoyable.”

Next time the common question is brought up in your friend group remember these points. Zaxbys is, and forever will be, superior to Canes. Never listen to the “Caniacs” tell you differently. Simply, they are wrong.

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First World’s Biggest Problem