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The Bleached Boys

Parker Grogan, Overall Editor

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With a record of 27-5, the Bleached Boys forge ahead into their third round of playoffs. Thus far, the superstition of bleaching hair for the playoffs and, hopefully, for the state championship has been a lucky charm for the Saints. Even though several members of the team failed to bleach their hair, probably not wanting to look like Freddy from “Scooby Doo” or like Malibu Ken, 18 of the players have gone blonde. The so-called Blonde Squad forces us, as fans or haters, to ask ourselves—blondes may have more fun, but do they win more games? Only time will tell.

Sophomore John Mychal Warren started the team off by bleaching his hair first. Many agree that they couldn’t leave Warren hanging, so they felt obligated to bleach their hair too.

“Going into playoffs, we all wanted to do something that would bring the whole team together,” Senior Evan Bowman said. “After deciding to bleach our hair, John Mychal in a sense served as our guinea pig. He was anxious about us not going through with it, but in the end, we all followed his lead.”

According to the survey the student body was asked to complete, the quality of each baseball player’s hair varies incredibly.

Freshman Tanner Hendrix received 31 percent of the vote, officially making him the cutest blonde of the squad. Following Hendrix was Junior Jack Ferguson with 16 percent of the vote and Sophomore Noel Wiggs with 12 percent of the vote.

After baseball season ends, there are mixed opinions about what the players will do with their hair to keep it from looking awful for the start of next year and the start of college for the seniors.

“I plan to die my hair back and let it grow out that way,” Senior Cam Daniels said.

“I’m just going to shave it off,” Senior Dickson Ray said. “I think I could pull off a buzz cut.”

“Why not just let it grow out?” Senior Banks Tolley said. “We can’t look much worse than we do right now. I never look bad either, so I’m not too worried.”

While we wait to see the results of bleaching their hair, one wonders if teams of other sports will start a tradition similar to this one or not. In the meantime, we hope the Saints clutch a championship win because if not, graduation pictures will be regretted.



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The Bleached Boys