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There is Superstition

Price bryan, sports editor

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There is superstition, writing on the wall or at least rally possums, pregame rituals, and flashy handshakes.

“I never wear khakis on game day and I keep a fake goat foot for good luck on my key ring” Junior Hamza Qureshi

Hamza Qureshi is one superstitious athlete when it comes to Fortnite and basketball at his mosque, so he does not ever skip his rituals before he gets ready to compete. He also does a 30-minute yoga session before his mosque basketball games.

Superstition and pregame rituals have become one of the least talked about but great parts of sports culture in recent years. LSU was down by several runs late in a game in SEC play last year, when a possum ran onto the field and stopped play. LSU came back to win the game and for the rest of the year, the rally possum became a rallying cry that led LSU to the College World Series Championship where the eventually lost to Florida.

“Pregame rituals are so cool and they help our team get hype for the upcoming game so we can get locked in and win,” Junior James Xu said.

Baseball players Jack Ferguson and Sam Roffwarg had a pregame handshake they performed prior to every game last year and the Saints made it to the third round of the playoffs. Two years ago, Coastal Carolina performed an elaborate handshake prior to each game and went on to win a national championship in baseball. There is doubt on whether superstition and pregame rituals have any effect on the games but some of the results speak for themselves.


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There is Superstition