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The Stress of the Break

On the Stress of Students Before Almost Every Break

Jackson Van Meter, Student News Staff Writer

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Spring break is just around the corner, the unpredictability of March fills the air with relaxing summer breezes one day and chill winter gusts the next. The range of spring break vacations is wide, from the relaxation of laying out on a white sandy beach, blue waves cresting calmly before you, to careening down a steep snow powdered embankment on two slick skis.

“I will be spending my spring break in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in the little town of Aspen, trying out skiing for my first time! I can’t wait for a break from the books, I have been pretty stressed recently” said Sophomore Jack Brown.

“I’m going to Universal Studios over spring break, I’m pretty excited to not have to do work and take advantage of this capitalist society which built an amusement park on poor land,” said Brown’s classmate Kaleb Kassidy.

A theme among many stories of young Freshman to even some old Seniors is stress. As the third quarter is coming to a close, teachers are rushing to get in a final grade. Teachers are assigning quizzes, tests, essays, projects, homework or all five due the same day.

Some teachers, while they must create new assignments, are aware of the overwhelming stress students must face in these types of circumstances every year. Paul Buckley is one of the generous teachers who is aware of the workloads of students. Buckley has allowed his Sophomore history class flexibility with their final test of the quarter. His students may decide which of two days they would like to take the test portion and which to write the essay, as well as giving them the benefit of typing the essay, using their notes, and writing outside of class time.

While other teachers continue pumping out new assignments, many students are struggling to keep up with the additional work of daily class, past assignments, and extra-curricular activities. This leads to a level of stress even higher than the usual norm at St. Andrew’s, at the worst possible time.

“I’ve had a ton lot more homework,” said Junior Nathan Barham, “It’s pretty discouraging right before this long break we have coming up.”

While popular encouragements are sayings such as “hang in there, we only have a few more days”, many become overwhelmed and even more stressed at the lack of time.

“This quarter has gone by so fast,” said Freshmen Andrew Ditto, “I feel like all my deadlines have snuck up on me, so there is definitely some stress there. My best is advice for all those poor, hard-working Saints out there is to try your best and that’s all you can do, you can sleep when the break comes.”


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The Stress of the Break