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How to Have A Fun Spring Break at Home

Victoria Wang, Staff Writer

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    So you’re stuck at home while seemingly everyone is on the way towards their beach vacation. You’re overcome with boredom because all your closest friends are having a blast in Mexico, on a cruise, or skiing. While you’ve already accepted your fate of the most boring week of your life, it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Take advantage of your boredom and deep clean your room! Take a day to go through every part of your room, organize your bookshelf, or even redecorate it! When you’re finished with that, go through your closet. Find any old clothes that you’ve grown out of, or has gone out of style and donate it if you’re feeling generous. If you’re in need for some extra pocket-money, sell them! While you’re in your closet, maybe pick out some outfits for the first week back and wow your classmates with your looks. With all the new empty space, you can even use the money from selling your clothes to purchase new ones!

    “Cleaning my room makes me feel organized and ready to start the week,” Sophomore Emerson Boone said.

    You can even have a spa day to yourself. If there is someone in town, invite them over. If not, find a family member or even go solo to spoil yourself with face masks, pedicures, candle-lit bubble baths, and relax. While you’re in the state of relaxation, finish the night by popping some popcorn and putting on your favorite movies.

    “My favorite movies are the Interview, the Hangover, and Back to the Future,” Junior Avery Thomas said.

    If you’re still bored, use your time well by volunteering! Many animal shelters around town need your help, and you can play with the cute dogs and cats that need love too. Sign up at a soup kitchen and leave feeling good about yourself.

    “I like volunteering because I feel like I’m having a positive impact on my community,” Sophomore Aaron Cooper said.

    If the day is nice, go out and have a picnic by the water! Relax in the breeze with your favorite foods and even get a tan if you’d like! Spending time outdoors will instantly make you forget about your blues.

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How to Have A Fun Spring Break at Home