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Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?

Cole Morse, staff writer

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The ancient tradition of Valentine’s Day has brought both love and disdain to couples everywhere. From a partner successfully reserving a table at their loved one’s favorite restaurant to completely ignoring the holiday, navigating what your partner is and isn’t interested has become a battlefield. The key to having a pleasant Valentine’s is to discover what your significant other expects from the holiday. In recent times the number of people interested in Valentine’s day has steadily increased; however, there are still many people uninterested in the celebration.

“I like to show people how much I appreciate them and Valentine’s Day provides me with the opportunity to do so,” said Sophomore Aaron Cooper. “Showing people how much I care is really important to me because it’s easy to get caught up in everyday life and forget to show people you care.”

In comparison, people who prefer to not celebrate Valentine’s Day typically hold a more realistic if not negative view of the holiday.

“Valentine’s can be a waste of money,” said Sophomore Madison Jones. “I think people should save their money on things they actually need and stop using Valentine’s as a one-day solution to make couples happy.”

According to CNBC, the amount of money spent on Valentine’s Day in 2018 alone has skyrocketed to almost 20 billion, the greatest amount ever spent on the holiday. It is evident that the romanticized day is only gaining followers with time. Those that oppose the holiday aren’t necessarily pessimists, just as those who support Valentine’s aren’t necessarily romantics, but may simply see celebrating love for only one day as impractical. Although there is a division between people as to whether to celebrate the holiday or not, the decision relies on personal preference.

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Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?