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Alas, so many AP classes!

Miley Ray, Staff Writer

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    Today St. Andrew’s student’s honors and AP applications were due so each student had to pick which courses they would like to pursue next year. The most time consuming applications are definitely for advanced english courses, because they require two full paragraphs about your favorite writing assignment, and your favorite reading assignment. Students have to find a balance between challenging themselves a manageable amount, but have to avoid overloading their schedules with too many difficult courses and ruining their year from being too stressed out to function. For the rising sophomores this will be their first year of having to complete the course selection process, so they face a important decision that ultimately can alter the type of student they become in high school.

     “I think I want to take AP Euro next year, but I’m scared because I will already be very busy first quarter cheering and playing volleyball ” said freshman Sarah Beth Greener.

    Honors courses are by no means required, but it is always good to challenge yourself if you feel you are prepared to step up the amount of time and effort you put into those courses. Most teachers are encouraging because though honors and AP classes can be a challenge, they are worthwhile if you are passionate about what you are learning.

    “If it was up to me I would say AP for everyone!” said Honors World History 2 teacher Mrs. Rodriguez.

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Alas, so many AP classes!