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Make SA Dances Great Again

Julia Farley Collins, Overall Editor

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      As seniors, we have attended the most dances out of the St. Andrew’s student body, and it is evident that the quality of music at each dance is declining. Maybe our standards were set too high at our first Homecoming with a spectacular band that was lively the whole night, but it seems like each dance has slowly gotten worse. However, prom is not included in this; prom always has good bands.

    “The bands at dances recently have gotten repetitive and make every dance feel the same,” Senior John Spencer Jones said.

    One Bruno Mars song is okay, but when four different Bruno songs are played in one dance, it gets old. As a soon to be St. Andrew’s alum, I hope that these dances improve for those who are not graduating yet.

     “I think that hiring different bands, rather than the same three we alternate using, would diversify the dances and make them more enjoyable,” Jones said.

     The students have tried to fix this at dances in the past, but their efforts were sadly rejected. At the 2016 Snow Ball in the Six, a Drake inspired dance, they switched it up and played some Drake music during the band’s break. They were able to play a few songs that the students enjoyed before the faculty changed it. The music played at dances by both the band and in the playlist has been restricted ever since.

“The bands at recent dances have all been the same,” Senior Brooks Lacoste said. “I think they are good, but they need to change up the songs they play because it makes every dance seem the same.”

     Hopefully at future dances they will switch up the playlist so that it is not the same as ones in the past. More energy needs to be incorporated when choosing the next band to perform at a dance.

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Make SA Dances Great Again