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The Tale of Two Cities

Evan Bowman, Opinion Editor

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There isn’t much to do in the Jackson area, most of the city’s residents have accepted this harsh truth. However, Jackson sits right between two culturally vibrant cities: Memphis and New Orleans. On one hand, you have New Orleans: the heart and soul of French culture in the United States. On the other, you have Memphis: the land of BBQ and Elvis. Wherever you may go, here’s what you can do on your getaway from Jackson.

From music to history there is something for everyone in the city of Memphis. For the history buffs, stop at the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel. At the infamous spot of the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., many exhibits are on display that not only retell of the events on that fateful night, but also on the Civil Rights Movement as a whole. For the music lovers, try stopping by Graceland, the famous estate of Elvis Presley. It’s fascinating to see the way that one of the most famous men in music lived his life. From his car collection, rose garden, and even his giant private plane, there’s never a dull moment at Graceland. Finally, one cannot stop in Memphis and not capitalize on the great Memphis style barbeque that makes the city its own. Wherever you go in Memphis, there is always a tasty restaurant nearby waiting to serve you the famous cuisine.

“Memphis is one of the closest big cities to Jackson,” Senior Hughes Boling said. “It has a NBA team, which I like, and the city is great for music.”

Three hours south lies the city of New Orleans, a.k.a. the “big easy.” The music scene in New Orleans captivates any tourist, and one can find the distinct style of blues throughout the city. One can also take in all that Jackson Square has to offer, including all the shops and artists that frequent the area. For the marine lovers, the Aquarium of the Americas in one of the premier aquatic life exhibits in the whole world.

“New Orleans is the best for many reasons,” Senior CJ Carron said. “The culture, food, athletics, and music are all unique in Nola. Literally you can do anything there.”

Whether you decide to travel three hours north on Interstate 55 or three hours south on 55, there’s no wrong choice between Memphis and New Orleans. Next time you’re bored in J-town take a quit road trip. You won’t regret it.


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The Tale of Two Cities