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Sleep Deprivation Assembly

Jackson Van Meter, Student Life Writer

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On Monday, October 30, the St. Andrew’s High School gathered in the CPA to watch a video on sleep. The all school meeting was called due to teachers noticing the students not getting enough sleep. The video talked about a new study done on mice’s brains during sleep and while they are awake, showing a fluid wash over the brain while sleeping cleansing it of the brain cells waste. The brain is not connected to the lymphatic system, the system for clearing waste and other unwanted materials from the body, instead it cleanses itself using cerebrospinal fluid which washes around the blood vessels in the brain to wash waste from in between all cells. This cleansing is what refreshes the mind each morning. Without getting enough sleep, the mind usually feels groggy and slow, unable to concentrate and perform to the best of its ability, and that is because of the waste build up.

“I feel like I’m sleep deprived and I think it definitely effects my school work. It is mainly homework that keeps me up late, but I have to admit my phone does play a part in when I go to bed” said Sophomore Noel Wiggs. Most SA high schoolers across all grades agree they do not get enough sleep, and most attribute this to the extreme homework loads St. Andrew’s is famous for.

“The video was interesting, but I could hardly watch it because I was sleep deprived, which is pretty ironic” said Sophomore Christian Welander. Welander’s opinion echoes many a St. Andrew’s student experience of that assembly, and most other assemblies.

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Sleep Deprivation Assembly