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Thanksgiving Break: A Time of Happiness

Phoebe Xu

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    Most SA students look forward to Thanksgiving break, but what is it that they look forward to? The food? Family? Vacation? Here are what activities SA students look forward to:

    “I am a huge fan of Thanksgiving. I went to Spain this Thanksgiving, but in the past few years, I have always used it as a time to relax without homework,” Junior Tucker Shelson said. “I also like going to my grandparent’s house. I like spending time with my family there.”

    Like Shelson, Sophomore John Mychal Warren also thinks of Thanksgiving as a time for relaxation.

    “I like to eat super good food, ride four-wheelers, and hanging out with my family,” said Warren.

    Even though there is not much to do in Mississippi, Junior Callie Keen still finds a lot to keep her occupied during the break.

“I love to go ice skating, spend time with my family, reads books, watch movies, and catch up on some sleep,” Keen said. “The time without all of the schoolwork is great.”

    Students like to hang out with friends and family, but others look forward to the time away from school and away from the workload and stress that comes with it. Overall, the break is a time for enjoyment and happiness no matter how students chose to spend it. 

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Thanksgiving Break: A Time of Happiness