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Curious about The Curious Savage?

Miley Ray, staff writer

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    On November 9-11 there were nightly showings of the play by John Patrick called “The Curious Savage”. This play took a lot of hard work from all eleven members of the cast, but it definitely paid off.

    Ray Mcfarland, theater teacher, announced, “This play was one of the best plays in the past ten years at St. Andrew’s and it had one of the biggest student turnouts.”

    Mcfarland was correct, because lots of students showed up and had lots of great feedback.

    Sophomore spectator Aubrey Ward said, “ I really enjoyed the part when the patients meet Mrs. Savage because she showcased all the casts personalities and it was hilarious.”

    Hunter Newell, sophomore actor who played Jeffrey Meredith, said his favorite scene was, “The exchange between me and Mrs. Savage when I told her my piano dreams.”

    Hunter’s funniest moment from throughout the play was, “In the scene outside garden with the other patients, Fairy May (Lauren Tanaka) would turn to me and randomly say ‘squirrels’ everytime Mrs. Savage said department of ichthyology.”

    Hunter’s favorite part of rehearsal was the seniors, Turner, Darby, Lauren, and Gracie all acting  as leaders of the cast this year and clearly did a great job with a very successful play that was witty, and sweet.

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Curious about The Curious Savage?