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Basketball or Football?

Cole Morse

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     The main sports-watching events for students attending St. Andrew’s Episcopal School occur during basketball and football seasons. These are times in which classmates may join together with the shared need for victory. Football games are filled with concession food, take place outside, and are actively supported by both the cheerleaders and dancers. Basketball season is known for having concession food, takes place indoors, and is supported solely by parents and students. Both games are clearly entertaining, as there are always attendees; however, which sport is preferable is up for debate.

     Sophomore Lizzie Lee said, “I prefer basketball because there’s more interaction between the student sections, the players on the court can hear you (whereas in football the players can’t hear you because they’re all the way on the field), and basketball games are indoors.”

     As Lee claimed, the relationship between players and watchers is far more intimate during basketball games. This characteristic allows for a more personal interaction and can make the game more interesting for both parties.

     Sophomore John Ray said, “I prefer basketball. Personally, I think the games are more exciting. It’s more comfortable to watch too since it’s indoors.”

     For both students the location of the game is important for the viewing process to be enjoyable. When outside during a football game people are susceptible to bad weather, but in basketball games, since they are located indoors, there is no threat of poor weather affecting the game. Basketball season was also found to be both questions preferred sport. It is clear that basketball is the preferred sport when compared to football due to its location and the interaction that may be made with players.

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Basketball or Football?