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Why Indie Music is the Best Music

Evan Bowman, Opinion Editor

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Music is the one thing countless people can’t live without. From driving to doing homework to just passing the time, music is prominent 24/7. Just like there are countless times for music there is also countless styles of music that tailor to each individual. However, one stands out from the rest: the indie genre.

Indie music is far superior to any other genre. Its subtle music does not overdo its job to set the tone of the song, yet it is not too soft and annoying as to take away from the song. It is a perfect balance.

“[Indie music] is beautiful sounding music,” Senior Madeleine Wiggs said. “The mostly acoustic pieces mixed with heartfelt lyrics combine to form great songs.”

Unlike the heavy rock that blasts through speakers and deafens you, or the cliché pop that you cannot get out of your head, indie music is the perfect balance for anyone who wants the best of both worlds.

Many indie bands also perform excellent live shows that leave the crowds wanting more. The ability to connect with a song and remember every little detail of the song gives the crowd the ability to be the singer of the band.

“Indie concerts are the best concerts I’ve been to,” Senior John Spencer Jones said. “They play at these smaller, more intimate venues. You get to see them up close with other people you know are fans.”

No matter what music you listen to Indie music can connect with everyone. Whenever someone is feeling sad, happy, mad, or just excited, there is always an indie song for you.

“Indie music is just chill and it just puts me in a good mood,” Senior Banks Tolley said. “The tune is great and the voices of indie singers are so unique.”

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Why Indie Music is the Best Music