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Spook Away These Offensive Halloween Costumes

Elizabeth Panter, Staff Writer

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Halloween is a great holiday to dress up in fun costumes. No one can go wrong with the classic witch or scary werewolf. However, there are many costumes to be left in the dark of the night.

1. Let’s start with a very infamous one: Cultures. Cultures are often appropriated on Halloween. Countless costumes are sold as “Gorgeous Nature Princess” or “Blood-thirsty Savage” as a feint for dressing up as Native Americans.

Another popular costume idea is Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Day) which is a separate holiday in Mexico to remember lost ones, but many forget this and dawn themselves in embroidered clothing and face paint to represent colorful skulls used in this holiday.

When people dress up in these costumes, they do not respect these cultures or see past the harmful stereotypes, enforcing racist and hurtful views.

2. Victims. Kim Kardashian was robbed at Paris in 2016, before Halloween. Not long after the story went viral, Halloween costumes of what she wore during the robbery emerged. said sold this cruel costume for $69.99.

Costumes connected to traumatic situations make fun of what the victims went through, turning the awful event into a joke. Even if the victim is a widely-hated celebrity, costumes such as these point fun at the victim and lessen the seriousness of the event.

“Costumes are supposed to be a celebration of some sort and dressing up with a costume based off a crime defeats that purpose,” SA Junior Yetunde Shekoni said. “Instead, people could dress up as a person who overcame a crime or difficulty to honor that person.”

Not only do offensive victim costumes make the situation facetious, it also offends other victims of similar crimes. Dress up all you want as Kim Kardashian, but don’t base your costume off her robbery trauma.

3. Mentally Ill. People suffering from mental illnesses do not have a choice in their illness, but most people have a choice when it comes to choosing costumes, so they should avoid dressing up as asylum patients. People don’t laugh or make costumes out of physical injuries or illnesses, such as broken arms or cancer, so why are mental illnesses any different?

“I think that costumes based on mentally ill people is inconsiderate,” Shekoni said. “Wearing a costume as a mentally ill person is, in my opinion, making a mockery of someone’s state of mind.”

There are plenty more offensive costumes, but these are among the most infamous. Have fun this Halloween, and let’s hope these costumes will be spooked away soon!

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Spook Away These Offensive Halloween Costumes