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The Balance of Academics and Sports

Caroline Croft, Staff Writer

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It’s Thursday night, and you’re playing St. Joe for the the District Championship title. The opposing student sections are roaring back and forth, defending their school.  The game will most likely be long one, and you have at least four hours of homework thanks to St. Andrew’s rigorous courses. Because this is such an important game, your team wants to go eat together afterward. In a dilemma, you have to choose between fun with your team or a maximum of 5 hours of sleep….

The balance between athletics and academics at St.Andrew’s has always been a challenging one. For some people it’s harder than others, depending on what courses they take. SA students and teachers have tips that will help make this balance easier.

Hannah Halford, SA alum, teacher, and coach said, “Although the workload is heavy I don’t think it’s impossible. I think it requires a lot of balance and preparation. There are a lot of opportunities for SA students to add or take away from their workload. Prioritize what’s important and what’s not.”

Halford also suggests, “Studying smarter, not harder.”

By this she means to prioritize. Prioritize how you spend your time studying, because it just isn’t possible to give your 100 percent on every assignment. Spend more time and effort on assignments that count more, while you shouldn’t be skipping out on smaller assignments, this is the best way to be successful without over loading yourself. This SA graduate also suggests communicating with your teachers and coaches by telling them about your conflicts. While they may not be able to accommodate your needs, it shows that you are planning and are aware of what’s to come.

“Remember that playing a sport is, paradoxically speaking, a sacrifice and a privilege” Halford said. “It takes a lot to be an athlete and a student, but the payout is more than makes up for it. My absolute best and strongest memories from high school all come from the times I had with my sports teams. Simply put, it’s worth it!”

Halford also explains that organization and the use of your planner is very important. Plan out and know when you have games so you can plan your work accordingly.

Hollie Marjanovic, the Upper School Learning Facilitator, also suggests this method. She says that it’s about looking at the big picture of your schedule to see exactly when you need to do your work.

“Time management is key, it’s really hard because our athletes are pushing themselves physically and are going to be exhausted,” Marjanovic said. “They might have to give up some things like limiting screen time. Trying to chunk assignments is also helpful.”

Marjanovic also suggests, on game days, to make the most of your time. Any free period that you have, use it to work on homework or to study. She explains that if you get more accomplished in your academics then you will be better focussed for the game. She also understands that an athlete will be staying up later due to practices and games. Marjanovic suggests that you do more writing and kinesthetic work instead of reading when working later at night.

Senior Lauren Watson also agrees that time management is one of the most important skills you can have. She suggests acting like you don’t have any free time and getting your homework done. Watson plays soccer, volleyball, and tennis and has attended St. Andrew’s since Pre-k.

“Usually I do well in sports then I have no time to do homework and I’m exhausted. For instance, when we have away games especially for soccer it’s time consuming and energy consuming” Watson said.

Balancing academics and athletics can be very challenging, especially at St. Andrew’s. By using these tips and tricks and practicing skills such as time management, prioritizing how and when you study, and communicating with teachers and coaches you can become a better and more responsible student athlete.

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The Balance of Academics and Sports