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Top 5 Worst Fair Combinations

Victoria Wang, Staff Writer

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As the fall season approaches, the smell of funnel cake and cotton candy fills the air. Along with the enticing smell comes with the excitement for the county fair. The well-anticipated fair arrived at the Jackson Fairgrounds on Oct. 4., and will be here until the 15th. Rides such as the Remix, Ring of Fire, White Water, and the Pharaoh are just some of the many fan favorites. However, along with the delicious fair food and thrilling rides, bad experiences may accompany them. Here’s the top five worst fair combinations from some seasoned fair veterans.

  1. “Drinking an Icee and going on the Ring of Fire because that would mess your stomach up big time,” said Freshman Meritt DeVoss.
  2. “The temperature, as it being hot, and the lines. I saw a couple of people pass out,” said Freshman Jackson Bataille.
  3. “Wearing glasses while on the White Water because you can’t see at all and your clothes are wet so you can’t dry your glasses,” said Freshman Vitor Da Silva.
  4. “Eating a funnel cake then going on the Remix,” said Junior Collins Cooke.
  5. “Eating Penn’s and then riding the Ring of Fire,” Junior Callie Keen said.
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Top 5 Worst Fair Combinations