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The Great Cats vs. Dogs Debate put in Purrspective

Dae Robinson, Opinion Staff Writer

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Like most kids, the cats vs. dogs question was a huge part of my childhood. I had many intense arguments with my fellow third graders over which pet trumped the other. At times, the conversations would grow heated and Mrs. Marshall had to step in to calm down tensions. We all  had such strong opinions on the topic, leading to the debate quickly becoming personal for many pet lovers.
The dispute still holds much relevance today as being a cat or dog person is a huge characteristic for millions. Even on dating websites and personality tests, the question of “cats or dogs” is most always present. Being a “dog person” seems to be the popular choice as cat lovers are often referred to as “unsociable” or even “crazy old cat ladies.”
However, in my opinion, cats are the obvious winner of this controversial topic. According to the ASPCA, over 60% of American households own some type of pet. Of the number of Americans that own pets, it is projected that there are around 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats as pets in the nation. So why are more cats pets than dogs even though dogs seem to constantly, and perhaps unfairly, win the argument? This is possibly because cats are extremely easy to care for due to their impressive independence.
“For such snoozy animals, cats are surprisingly independent creatures. Most dogs rely on humans for food, exercise, bathing, and constant affection,” Scholastic journalist Justin O’Neil said. “Put out food and a litter box, and most cats are happy just to hang out. Not to mention, kitties are a real bargain. Including food, toys, and vet visits over a lifetime, the cost of caring for a cat is about one sixth of usual dog expenses.”
Americans are known for their love of a good bargain so why not have a loving pet for a lower cost? They aren’t as expensive to raise and don’t require as much space as dogs do, while still offering the same sweet affection without the annoying barking and constant care of walking and bathing canines.
Another major plus of owning a cuddling kitten is that they can also keep your house free of vermin and unwanted pests.
“Hunters at heart, cats are miniature versions of their wild forebears, the lions, tigers, cheetahs and jaguars of the world,” Animal Planet said. “But cats can’t down a wildebeest in your backyard, so they settle for smaller prey.”
So for all the cat lovers out there, next time the great pet debate surfaces, remind your fellow classmates that cats are the more practical choice for a pet, not to mention their adorable purr, super soft coat, and strong, loving personalities.

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The Great Cats vs. Dogs Debate put in Purrspective