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Q&A with AP Euro Teacher Mrs. Patrick

David DuCote, Staff Writer

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As one of the hardest courses offered at St. Andrew’s and having one of the lowest “five rates in all of the AP exams, the AP European History Exam is no joke. AP Euro has a rate of 7.9% of the people who take it make a five, or a 100%. This course is one of the hardest possible AP courses, but the tremendously intelligent sophomores of St. Andrew are a more than prepared for the examination.


Q: About how many of your students make fours or fives on the exam?

A: A majority of my students make 4’s and 5’s.


Q: How do you prepare your students so well for the exam?

A: Everything we do in class is just like the exam, it’s a very small class, and the students prepare very well.


Q: Why do you want your students to go out to eat before the exam?

A: I want them to relax. The worst thing they can do is try and cram in information right before the exam


Q: Do you do anything special for the people taking your class after the exam?

A: Yes, I feed them an ice cream ore tort.

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Q&A with AP Euro Teacher Mrs. Patrick