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Tatjana Olinyk and Elizabeth Wang, Opinion Editor and Design Editor

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As a St. Andrew’s student, there are many responsibilities we must uphold. We are expected to be smart, well-rounded students who are held to extremely high standards. At the same time, some of us do not have everything handed to us in our lives, and we must work to financially support ourselves beyond school. Having a part time job while balancing homework and grades at the same time is especially difficult as a St. Andrew’s student.

We are familiar with the restaurant business, as we both have part time jobs at Buffalo Wild Wings and Amerigo. Having a job and being a student is an extremely valuable experience that teaches us time management, patience, and important social skills.

“Working as a waitress is financially beneficial, but emotionally taxing,” Amerigo’s Waitress Elizabeth Wang said. “Customers are rude and don’t appreciate the effort you make for them. Although this happens multiple times during shifts, it’s necessary to keep a positive attitude and not to let people’s comments get to your head.”

Throughout the day we deal with raging customers, unfriendly co-workers, and apathetic managers. Although this seems discouraging, we must learn how to function in almost any social situation.

“We go through a lot in a day,” Buffalo Wild Wing’s hostess Tatjana Olinyk said. “Sometimes it’s really stressful and I occasionally consider walking out and never coming back, but I really need the money”.

Despite the stress of juggling a job, schoolwork, and all the baggage that comes with it, we do love our jobs. They have taught us important life lessons and given us a solid understanding of how the “real” world functions.


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Work Hard Play Hard