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Life of Teachers pt.

Ariel Cox

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Ruth Holmes:

English teach Ruth Holmes has been teaching for 36 years and 13 at St. Andrew’s. Her love of reading and words inspired her to be an English teacher. During Holmes many years of teaching she had learned how to keep things interesting by changing up the curriculum.

“I do enjoy teaching high school students,” Holmes said.

Finding a balance between school and teaching was not difficult but at times her school and outside lives tend to overlap. When Holmes is not teaching, she likes to play piano, do yoga, writing poems and creative writing.

“By having an active and creative balance [ is how I maintain a balance of my life],” Holmes said.

Outside of school Holmes spends up to four hours a day on grading and more time on the weekends. Grading study question tends to take her the most amount of time to grade. On weekends, she also spends time preparing for classes and changing somethings up. Although she does enjoy teaching, she feels that sometimes it is difficult to make people understand the long-term effects of her teaching style.

“I hope my students know how much I care about them,” Holmes said. “I want them to be good writes and thinkers.”

While some may see Holmes’s class as demanding and difficult, in the long run she wants best for her students.

Paul Buckley:

World History Teacher Paul Buckley, has taught for 25 years while 13 of those years have been with St. Andrew’s. Before his teaching career at St. Andrew’s he was a teacher a Jackson Prep for 12 years also have taught a summer session at a public school in Lexington VA. Prior to Buckley’s teaching career he worked at the Manship House Museum in Jackson and the  Museum of American Frontier Culture in Staunton, VA. Buckley’s love for the study of history sparked the idea for him to teach history.

“It encapsulates all other disciplines,” Buckley said. “ It is about identity, and it is about ethics – how we should live together.”

Beside the subject itself, Buckley also enjoys the interaction aspect of teaching while also learning and knowing others.

“Teaching allows for meaningful interaction with others,” Buckley said.

Teaching at St. Andrew’s is not same as teaching at Jackson Prep.  The rotating schedule, chapel, service learning and advisory responsibility called for a different relationship with the teachers versus students that Jackson Prep didn’t necessary have.

“SA requires much more of the teacher outside of the classroom than my former school,” Buckley said.

Switching to working and teaching at St. Andrews did call for some adjustments for Buckley. Although Buckley loves what he does the amount of time he spends on school work dose affect the amount of time he gets to spend with family, friends and personal life.

“When [teaching and school] becomes most frustrating is when it and prevents me form taking care of myself physically,” Buckley said.

On the weekends he finds himself doing school work. When he’s grading essay question take the longest to grade. Grading could take anywhere from 6-15 hours to complete which doesn’t leave a lot of free time.

“[Finding a balance between school and outsides life] is a great and constant challenge,” Buckley said

When Buckley has free time his enjoys spending it with his wife and son. He also tries to stay active and walk or run most days.  Because he like to keep the amount of television he watches to a minimum he likes to listen to podcast typical about news and politics

“I love to read, but generally have to wait until an extended break from school,” Buckley said.

After his many years of teaching, one misconception he thinks some students may have is that he and other teacher have more free time than they do. Even though teaching school and having a life outside of can be a hand full Buckley has found a way to manage it and do his best to everything done.

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Life of Teachers pt.