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The Summer Before the Storm: How to Have a Successful Summer After Senior Year

Alex Auchus

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Although many seniors are counting down the days until summer vacation begins and high school officially ends, those students don’t know what they are asking for. After the first few days of hanging out with friends and spending time with your grade pass, then comes the summer dog days. It’s hard not to get the boredom blues when you sit at home for three days straight while all of your friends are on vacation in Cancun. But fear not! Here are some tips to keep yourself on your toes before college begins.

  1. Get a job! There’s nothing like having cold, hard cash in your hand when you go off to college.
  2. Do some Spring- or Summer- cleaning! College is just around the corner and it’s going to be difficult to take everything with you to that tiny dorm. Throw out old doodads and donate clothes you know you’ll never wear again.
  3. Take some time for family. Your parents might be a bore but this is the last period of time that they will have you in the house (hopefully).
  4. Plan a tentative college career path. After you sign up for first-semester classes you may think you’re all set. WRONG! If you don’t have at least some sort of idea of how your college classes will pan out, you might find yourself struggling for credits in the future.
  5. Update your Facebook profile. Even though it’s just for old people, college has a lot of older people that still use Facebook to connect with others. If a senior you meet adds you on Facebook and the only picture you have is one of you in the second grade play, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Follow these steps and you will be more than prepared for your first year away from home. It’s always good to do something productive rather than rotting away in your room.

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The Summer Before the Storm: How to Have a Successful Summer After Senior Year