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Olivia Campbell, Staff Writer

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With AP exams beginning next week and semester exams shortly after, some SA juniors share their best study tips to help you through this stressful time!


Maya Bahro –

“Everyone procrastinates for AP exams but the best way is to divide it up and actually study early. I promise you it helps.”


Ethan Chevalier –

“You don’t want to study the night before, you want to find a movie that you like that’s closely related to the topic and just watch it because it makes you feel like you’re studying and you’re having fun. Before the AP Euro exam, I watched

Les Mis because we learned about French stuff. I ended up doing really well in the exam.”


Darby Farr –

“I think the best way to study for exams is not studying a couple weeks in advance but not studying the night before, so finding a happy medium. Don’t break it up, but don’t cram. Just find a happy medium.”


Katie Seage –

“I like to make quizlets and flashcards. I also like to color code and write out flash cards, it helps me remember them better. I also highlight and color code notes. It helps me because I read faster and in more depth.”


Jasmine Deng –

“I think the best way to study is to do some practice problems, especially those from Princeton Review.”


Lauren Tanaka –

“For History I hand write my notes so to study for the test I go back and type them up and make sure they all make sense so I can connect ideas together. For English, if you’ve read something, go through and find all the words you didn’t know and review the vocab in case so you can remember the meaning and figure out the context.”


Dalton Dear –

“Be productive not busy. It’s easy to get so bogged down with a heavy workload that you struggle to get anything done. Use your time intentionally and focus on one assignment at a time rather than multi-tasking.”

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