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Post Prom: a.k.a. The Zenith of Senioritis

Sharon Yeh, Student Life Editor

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As the senior class wraps up their last high school dance at the Capital Club in Jackson, it has dawned us that we have almost crossed the finish line, and are having many of our high school “lasts.” “Last time” to attend prom as a high school student, “last time” to get ready with your girl friends, helping each other zip up your dresses or getting annoyed at your friend for messing up her eyeliner, “last time” taking off those 4-inch heels that kill your feet but make you look killer. It’s also our last year at high school, our last quarter. Among the bittersweet is something much more potent than the nostalgia and daydreaming of our futures: laziness and senioritis.

“Senioritis is very real and I’m definitely experiencing it,” Senior Thomas Hammons said. “I’ve been to school on time twice since 4th quarter has started and haven’t turned in an ap bio assignment on time yet. I’ll miss you the most ;(.”

Seniors aren’t the only ones affected by the seniors fast-growing apathy towards school. Teachers are bearing the burden of dealing with unaffected students, but are thankfully extremely understanding towards the senioritis cause.

“Seniors begin to lose interest in school once those college admittances begin to roll in – each year I find myself having to be more and more creative to keep them engaged enough to pass Advanced Placement Human Geography,” History Department Chair Donna Patrick said. “The group of seniors this year may just be the death of me!”

Although the seniors are basking in their seniority and are are racing to reach the final stretch, it’s important to take a moment to slow down and cherish every last moment spent at St. Andrew’s as a class, basking in the senioritis together.

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Post Prom: a.k.a. The Zenith of Senioritis