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To Give or Not to Give

Ariel Cox, Staff Writer

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Picking out gifts for others can be tricky especially when it comes to getting a gift for the opposite gender. Finding the perfect birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift for you friend or special someone can be difficult to pick without spoiling the surprised. Some people find it more difficult than others to buy gift for the opposite gender, and end up giving a gift with little effort, time or thought. As a small solution to a common problem, here’s a guide to help you pick out a gift with a little more care and effort for a friend or special someone.

When a group of guys at St. Andrew’s were asked what they think good Valentine’s Day gift would be, a wide range of answers came up. Many of their answers were tangible items that you can by at Target while others might be a little harder to find and give. Items like a cool watch, gift cards to sport stores, clothing items or good food were popular responses.

“Candy is good but boring gift but gift cards are the way to go,” Sophomore AJ Leflore.

“Something with sentimental value,” John Watt

Depending on who the gift was coming from, the guys gave other responses pertaining to if their girlfriends were to buy them gifts. Thoughts about more sentimental gifts brought up other ideas on what they wanted.

“A nice picture of you and the other person in the relationship would be a good idea,” Senior Daniel Marsh.

“Some guys just want love and affection [on Valentine’s Day],” Sophomore David Caddle said.

But gifts like that evolve more emotion and might be better to give to a boyfriend or girlfriend. Many options on what to buy were given but there was only one thing most would prefer not to receive as a gift.

“Not flowers or over expensive gifts,” Sophomore Oliver Westover said.

When picking out a gift for girls a lot more options and ideas were similar to guys while others were thing guy would most likely not want. Many also said gift cards, food, makeup and flowers were good ideas. Many also agreed that sentimental gifts were good ideas because they were more personal.

“Something that person knows you would like, like a personal gift,” Sophomore Riley Charlet

Many would say that girls all want the same things as gifts, but depending on you ask is not always true. Sometimes a relaxing day without stress or simple things with meaning are great gifts. Spending time with a friend, chilling out, talking and maybe a movie were ideas as a gift for any time.

“A nap, or a day with myself,” Upper School Learning Facilitator Hollies Marjanovic

What some would call a “typical” gift for girls were common answers but most were not very picky on what they wanted. There are a wide range of options on what to buy girls on any occasion.

“Personally I would love some makeup palettes, like the Sweet Peach Palette,” Sophomore Margaret Branson said.

“I love flowers, gift cards to basically anywhere,” Senior Assata DeMyers

So next time you go to buy a gift for a friend or special someone try to change it up on what you buy. Maybe conceder something more thoughtful with that corresponds with the person’s’ interest. You don’t have to buy something from the mall spending time with other is  a gift of its own. As many say it is better give than receive.

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To Give or Not to Give