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Parker Grogan, Sports Editor

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Referees, referees everywhere but not a drop of wisdom to spare.

This allusion to “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” would have been used this past Friday night on Feb. 3 by the InSaint Asylum to describe their feelings toward the referees of the basketball game against the Morton Panthers. While the Lady Saints ended up taking the win on their home court with a buzzer beater scored by Sophomore Madison Klein, the boys lost 76-60, and several Saints fans would argue that the referees heavily contributed to the loss.

“The referees called way too many hand-checking fouls, were wildly inconsistent with their charge and block calls, and definitely were part of the reason we took the L,” Junior Warner Speed said.

Not only did referees affect the outcome of the game for the basketball boys, but they were also a game changer for the SA girls’ soccer team in their second-round playoff game against the Sacred Heart Crusaders on Feb. 28 in Hattiesburg, Miss. The girls lost to Sacred Heart 2-1, with the Crusaders’ winning goal being scored within the last two minutes of the game. However, many believe that the Lady Saints would have won if not for the poor judgment of the referees.

“The referees seemed to always call fouls on the Saints, when really it was just an aggressive game on both teams’ parts,” Senior Daniel Marsh said. “The refs should have given us several penalty kicks in the box because whenever our offensive players would get near the goal, the Crusaders would just foul them, knowing that the refs would only call fouls in their favor pretty much.”

No matter how upset members of the SA student section may get, Head of Upper School Julia Chadwick always manages to remind them that they represent a school regarded as one maintaining a high level of sportsmanship. Thereby, the InSaint Asylum must keep their rowdie level at a minimum concerning the status of the refs, who may or may not change the game to be in the Saints’ favor. Even though heckling referees and players alike seems to have its appeal, the Saints still maintain a good level of respect between themselves and their competitors and/or refereeing officials.

The tough losses that both the SA boys’ basketball team and the girls’ soccer team endured against two very strong competitors just go to show how important every person on the court/field is. Even though the Saints may still feel bitter, they can keep their heads held high for they are members of strong athletic programs and a respectful community.

The SA girls’ and boys’ soccer teams ended their seasons with unfortunate losses to the Sacred Heart Crusaders. However, on the bright side, the boys’ basketball team, which has an overall record of 20-5, continue their season with an upcoming game against Crystal Springs. The Lady Saints basketball team will also travel to Crystal Springs on Tuesday, Feb. 7, to play the Tigers on their home court. Good luck Saints!

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